Our goal is social and community participation for all

Importance of social and community participation

Interaction within the local community is something many of us take for granted. Starlight Care’s role is to make sure that our clients are also able to participate in their community.

We play a critical role in helping individuals with disabilities overcome challenges and engage in community life.

Starlight Care help their clients lead more fulfilling lives and contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of their communities.

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Our goals for social and community participation

Starlight Care’s goal is to ensure that our clients can have access to and participate in their social circles and community. The greater goal is to foster greater inclusion and accessibility for all people with disabilities in their local communities.

Participation assistance we provide

One common service that Starlight Care provides is transport to and from Group Centre activities.

There are several ways that Starlight Care can help our clients with community participation.

  1. Identify clients’ interests
  2. Customising support plans with the Support Coordinator
  3. Support with Transport
  4. Connect clients with community groups
  5. Provide support during community activities
  6. Employment and volunteering opportunities
  7. Inclusive sports

Some examples of local community participation

Below are some examples of the common activities we assist people to participate in. However, there are many more and they are customised exactly to your needs.

  • Exercising
  • Medical appointments
  • Grocery shopping
  • Accessing the library
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Going to the movies
  • Going to the gym
  • Enjoying a meal or drink at a café or bar
  • Attending community events
  • Watching sporting events