Advocate and support your NDIS journey

Your needs…
Our Support Coordinator

Our role as a NDIS Support Coordinator is vital in empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

We connect you with the appropriate support services and resources and arrange the delivery of these services from a registered NDIS Service Provider.

Starlight Care’s Support Coordinator advocates for your needs and requirements. Our one and only job is to get YOU the best outcome.

Support Coordinator’s Role

Our Starlight Care Support Coordinator plays a crucial part in connecting NDIS participants with the appropriate services, resources, and opportunities to help them achieve their goals and live an independent, fulfilling life.

Support Coordinator’s Responsibilities

Key responsibilities of an NDIS Support Coordinator include:

  • Developing a strong understanding of the NDIS participant’s needs, goals and aspirations.
  • Assisting in the creation and implementation of personalised support plans, in line with the participant’s objectives and allocated funding.
  • Identifying and connecting participants with relevant service providers, resources and community support.
  • Monitoring progress and ensuring that support services are delivered effectively and efficiently.
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between the participant, their family, service providers and other stakeholders.
  • Regularly reviewing and updating support plans to reflect the participant’s changing needs and circumstances.
  • Providing guidance and advocacy to ensure participants can navigate and access the NDIS system with confidence and ease.