Maintain your independence with transport assistance

Access to appropriate transport improves people’s quality of life

Starlight Care has a key role in helping a person with disabilities navigate and access various transportation options.

By providing transport assistance, we enable our clients to access work, education, social activities and other essential services, promoting greater autonomy and self-determination.

A key objective of Starlight Care’s transport support is to empower our clients to live as independently as possible.

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Assisted transport with Starlight Care

Starlight Care identifies our client’s specific transportation needs, considering factors such as mobility restrictions, accessibility requirements and personal preferences.

Types of transport

The common types of transport needed for our clients include things like:

  • School transport
  • Transportation to appointments, like medical appointments
  • Regular transport for things like shopping, community participation and other regular activities
  • Other at-need transportation requirements that can be booked when needed

Mobility assistance while using transport

This requires being knowledgeable about the client’s mobility limitations, equipment and techniques to safely assist them.

  • Assisting with mobility:
    • assist in boarding and disembarking from vehicles
    • navigating public transport
    • using mobility aids.
  • Training and education:
    • educate them how to use public transportation independently
    • teach them how to read timetables, plan routes, or use assistive technology.
    • explain travel safety